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Foodservice packaging made with the environment in mind.

Welcome to Pureco Products, a paper cup and foodservice packaging manufacturer of sustainable paper products.  

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Beautiful foodservice paper products, Mother Nature approved.

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Doing right by the environment just got easier!

Unlike most plastic-coated paper products that end up in landfills and oceans, our paper cups and foodservice packaging are made with less plastic and designed to be recycled.

What makes Pureco Products stand out is that we use a highly-mineralized resin alternative to conventional plastic coatings called EarthCoating®.

By using EarthCoating®, we’re able to manufacturer paper cups and foodservice packaging products that use 40-51% less plastic and can be easily pulped into recycled paper products using conventional paper recycling equipment.

Also, for those interested in compostable packaging, we can address your needs as well and invite your product inquiries.


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Performance, environmental & economic benefits

Paper cups and foodservice packaging made with EarthCoating® are waterproof, greaseproof and designed to withstand the rigors of direct food contact including liquid, moisture, oil, grease and fatty acids.

Thanks to EarthCoating®, our products are easier for recyclers to process and can be made into recycled paper products like copy paper using conventional paper recycling equipment .

Paper products made with EarthCoating® are often less expensive than compostable packaging and prices fall in line with conventional plastic-coated paper products.

Depending on the environmental rules and regulations you’re governed by (based on location), your interests in recyclable and compostable packaging may vary, which is why we offer both options.

To learn more, contact us today.

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The first step to getting paper cups recycled is to make them valuable and easy for recyclers to deal with.
— Smart Planet Technologies

Our mission

Pureco Products aims to manufacture sustainable paper cups and foodservice packaging for distributors, restaurants, coffeehouses, retailers, consumer product groups, grocery stores and other companies across the globe in support of plastic reduction, landfill/ocean waste diversion and increased recycling rates.

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Recycling 101

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3-Phased Approach

Thanks to EarthCoating®, we produce paper cups and foodservice packaging that are valuable and easy for recyclers to process into recycled paper products using conventional paper recycling equipment.

However, in order to ensure our products actually get recycled, we need your help.

Below is a three phased approach to making this a reality:

Phase 1:
Close the loop - We’ve secured recyclers, paper shredders, and MRF’s around the world who are ready to come pick up your paper cups made with EarthCoating along with any other recyclables you may have available. Contact us to learn more.

Phase 2:
Product identification - We’re educating mill groups, recyclers and MRF’s about the value of paper products made with EarthCoating® so they understand the incentive to collect and recycle these materials. We’re also adding a designated EarthCoating® mark that may be used to identify our products from conventional plastic-coated packaging.

Phase 3:
Enroll the mills - Once we create enough demand for paper cups and foodservice packaging made with EarthCoating®, packaging companies can encourage paper mills to sell paperboard with EarthCoating® as a general offering.

Once this becomes the new norm, the majority of paper cups and foodservice packaging will become valuable and easy for recyclers to process through their conventional paper recycling equipment.

Thank you in advance for your consideration and we look forward to working with you in support of your sustainable packaging initiatives.

Contact us today to get started.